Ji Hin’s Spring School photo, 2011

Ji Hin’s preschool took school photo again on Feb. This time no fashion photo but just with own shirt 😛

Class photo, Ji Hin’s class name is Alligators. Good job to photographer to made all kids smiling and focusing on the camera!!

Fun pack comes along with photo package including door message hanger, bookmarks and ruler

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Ji Hin learns to sing~~~

Ji Hin is slow in speech development. He can speak in many single words but yet to speak in full sentences. However, he learnt to sing since we came to the States. Until now, he could sing quite number of songs like “ABC song”, “Numbers song”, “The wheels on the bus”, “Itcy Bitcy Spider”, “Ring a round the rosie”, “The more we sing together” and few songs that he learnt from school like “calendar song”, “A-Z American Sign Language (ASL) song”, “Days of the week song” and etc…

His pronouncation is a bit off while singing of course but the tone is still there. Sometimes he loves to “sing” the songs in tone only like “em em em~~~” without the words while playing his toys too. Haha!

Below is the way Ji Hin singing Barney’s famous song “I love you”. He watches Barney before but he’s not a super fan. Most of the time I sang this song to him. One day I wrote down the song lyric on the whiteboard and he loves it. He loves to sing in front of the board with his finger pointing to the lyric.

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2010 Thanksgiving

Ji Hin’s class held a Thanksgiving party on Wednesday, last day before his 4 days long weekend holiday. It’s on lunch time and just me attended to the party because daddy was working. Every parent would prepare some food on that day. I just bought a fresh dinner roll from Raley.

This silly turkey hat was made by Ji Hin before the party 🙂 Anyway, he refused to wear that hat.

A “card” laminated and sticked on Ji Hin’s table.

Ji Hin and I had lunch together. He just ate dinner roll (finished all!), turkey, mashed potato (love it!), turkey cupcake and a box of apple juice.

How cute the turkey cup cake. As you can see, the rest raw salads and orange was untouched.

Besides that, on Thanksgiving day, we are invited by friend to their house for Thanksgiving dinner. This was my 1st time to try turkey the big bird. My friend bought a 22lbs turkey and roasted it for about 5 hours! It was tasted so good and we even finished the left over 2 days later which I brought home that night.

We did potluck stlye. I cooked my Hakka yong tau fu and made a peach mille crepe cake. These foods were so yummy and I gained 1kg after the dinner 😛

This bird looks great? It’s soooooo good and even better than the turkey made by angmoh !

Just to show off my whole pot of Hakka yong tau fu (inside the black pot). They loved my yong tau fu and mille crepe cake (left of yong tau fu). Both were “sapu” end of the night and I was so happy people loved it! 😀

Day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, crazy shopping day. I woke up at 5am and went shopping alone while Ji Hin and daddy was sleepping! Hahah! This tent was one of my shopping items for Ji Hin. He loves it so much and crawls inside the tunnel over and over again. This tent was too big in the living hall and already moved to his room. It will be more fun if there are more kids to play with.

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Welcome to my new home!

Windows Live space is going to “close shop”, they provide a very good service to let us move the blog to wordpress.com! And here is my new home! My blog is going slow recently because of Facebook. Since using Facebook, this blog is a bit ignored. Hahah! Hope I can post more in future!

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3rd photobook

Hurray, my 3rd photobook has arrived! (1st and 2nd photobook was ordered one or two years before) How much for this photobook? It’s just $0.99 plus shipping cost. Too lazy to design page to page so I just chose one of the templete. Not only photobook is cheap in the States, photo printing is cheap too. I also printed 100 4R photos and can you believe that there are FREE with free shipping!!! Wondering how they earn money by giving free stuff?
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Halloween party

Trick or treat? Ji Hin’s preschool had an annual Fall Festival/Halloween party on last Wednesday. This was our 1st time to attend such a great party in our life. Of course we won’t miss a chance to participate this event and that would be definately a wonderful memory for us too.
I bought a vampire costume for Ji Hin initially. It came with a colar which facing up and it touched his face and he disliked that colar. No choice I had to return it (best thing in the States) and exchanged another costume – superman! Ji Hin was such a cute cutie pie with the costume. Haha!
Ji Hin doesn’t eat lollipop but he loves to pull out the lollipop and keep counting how many lollipops 😛
We bought 2 meal tickets and was having the snacks. Oh ya, that was a theme for that night called "Alphabet Letter". That’s why we could see alphabet letters all around the school.
Ji Hin kept walking at this corridor and shouting ABC…
Each rooms had different activity for kids. And this is art room.
This was in another classroom. Ji Hin loved to play this ABC puzzle.
Superboy was busy…
My superboy was flying! Hahaha!
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Ji Hin’s school pumpkin patch field trip

Ji Hin’s class had pumpkin patch field trip last Thursday. The field was just an empty corner at the school compound. Teachers decorated that place with hazes, pumpkins, scarecrows and spiders. I didn’t participate that field trip because worried that Ji Hin would stick on me if see me in the school.
Teachers took the pictures and shared in Walmart’s online photo. After the day, the school principal and teachers told me Ji Hin’s having a lots of fun in the pumpkin patch field!
I guess Ji Hin loves to sit in the wagon. He was with the wagon in all those photos!
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